New Youth Recreation Program

For kids ages 5–13. Registration now open.

Starts October 7. Space is limited

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2 Year Anniversary Party!!!

Can you believe it’s been 2 years already!

Prizes and events for all.

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Climbing at BoulderHouse is designed around a set of 8 colour coded climbing circuits. Each circuit includes 5 to 6 problems and is designed to provide climbers with a varied set of challenges from technical slab climbing to powerful overhangs and everything in between.

By encouraging our community to progress through each complete circuit, our vision is to help every climber, at every level, develop a well-rounded set of skills. To keep you motivated and challenged in new ways, we reset a section of the wall weekly. From our beginner yellow circuit to the advanced pink circuit, there is something for everyone.

8 circuits

Climate controlled

Air-Filtering System

Seamless Floor Padding

Training Area

Free Wifi