The South Island Climbers Society is a registered non-profit society with a mandate to encourage and promote the stewardship and preservation of public access to rock climbing sites in the South Vancouver Island area of British Columbia.

How South Island Climbers Society Started

The CRD is developing a new park in the western communities and in the process wanted to reach out to the user groups in these areas. Climbers are one of these user groups. The CRD wants a local society to work with when it comes to climbing in the CRD.

A small group of people from different backgrounds in the climbing community came together to form the South Island Climbers Society (SIC). SIC provides representation for all climbers on Southern Vancouver Island. Whether you top rope, lead, climb trad, boulder, or even aid climb, you’re a South Island climber and should be proud of it.

Regions We Cover

SIC will be taking care areas from Cowichan/Duncan and south to Victoria. We will be working with local governments, such as the CRD, and private landowners to make sure access to our climbing areas are kept open.

What’s Happening Now

SIC is excited to announce that the CRD wants a beneficial partnership with us and is willing to work together to form policies and determine best management practices when it comes to climbing. We hope to continue building and strengthening relationships with stakeholders to ensure you have continued access to climbing areas.

How You Can Get Involved

We currently have a Facebook page that you are welcome to join. We will try our best to keep you updated. In the fall we are planning to launch SIC to the public. We hope to raise money for a bolt fund, create signs for trail heads, and build our membership.

Summer is when we send our projects, discover new areas to climb, perhaps even take our first trip to climb outside. When you’re at your favourite crag or boulders, think about what would you like to see there? SIC encourages you to be ambassadors for climbing and to contribute to the future of climbing in the area.

Thank you.

Haj Bains, President of the South Island Climbers Society