Our bouldering family has grown over the last three years. Now the time has come for our house to grow too!

BoulderHouse Climbing, in partnership with the City of Langford, is excited to announce our expansion to Langford, set to open summer 2020. We will be building a new facility from the ground up in City Centre Park, adjacent to the Pacific FC’s new stadium. This 6000 sq. ft. gym will include an outdoor climbing area, bringing the indoor climbing back to its outdoor roots!

We couldn’t be happier to work with the amazing team of people at the City of Langford. Their commitment to making Langford a national sports capital has inspired us to deliver a great new facility. And with climbing making its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this summer, BoulderHouse Climbing is a timely addition to the growing number of Olympic sports that already call Langford home.

We know that you have questions about the new gym, and we’re going to do our best to answer them. You can post questions in the comments section, message us on our Facebook page, or post and DM on our Instagram. As questions come in, we’ll update the FAQ below. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, so if you don’t see an answer to your question, it means we’re waiting until we have the best and most accurate answer.

We hope you’re as excited about this addition to the vibrant Victoria climbing community. We can’t wait to get you on the new walls!

Langford Parkway FAQ

Where is the new location?

Right next to the Westhills Stadium in Langford. To get the best sense of where the building will be located, check out this site plan.

When does the new gym open?
The aim is summer 2020. We’ll narrow down to a more exact date as things progress.
What about the original BoulderHouse?

Why change something that is good? The new location is an expansion, not a replacement.

Will there be ropes?

We’re staying true to our routes. Bouldering only. Lots of it! But there will be a little surprise in store. We can’t reveal all of our secrets!

How will memberships work between the gyms?

A very popular question! This is still being sorted. We’ll update as soon as we know or you can check back here.

Are you hiring?

Most likely! If you’re interested in joining the BoulderHouse team, email us at climb@boulderhouse.ca. Let us know what you can do and where your interests lie. Include a CV. We are still a while out from opening so please be patient if you don’t hear from us right away! You likely won’t hear from us until next year, so be patient.