Shoulder and Neck Rehab: Part 1

By Christy Mader BSc. RMT and avid climber. In this post I will go over a few basic activation exercises I found helpful when dealing with my own neck and shoulder pain. The focus of these movements is to unload the neck while moving the shoulder and arm. From a pain...

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Finger Rehabilitation Part 2

By Christy Mader BSc. RMT and avid climber. Here is the second part of my finger rehab blog. If you missed the first part, it’s here. Once you have gotten over the acute part of your finger tweak and have started climbing at a rate that doesn’t make you more sore the...

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Finger Rehabilitation for Climbers

By Christy Mader BSc. RMT and avid climber.Finger injuries. The bane of many climbers at some point in their climbing journey. As a Registered Massage Therapist who climbs and treats climbers, I have had a fair share of people coming into the clinic with finger...

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