This August 20th, come celebrate Global Climbing Day with The North Face and The B.I.G. Intiative, a Canadian not-for-profit whose mission is to help women in climbing.

For the occasion, we will be hosting three simultaneous events in Montreal (Allez Up), Toronto (Up the Bloc) and Langford (BoulderHouse Langford)!

Join us at BoulderHouse Langford for:
Free gym entry from 11am to 3pm (sign up required for kids 13 and under)
Free introduction to bouldering courses at 11am & 1:30pm (*sign up required)
Prizes & more!
Global Climbing Day is a celebration of the climbing community and the opportunities we find in every obstacle. Walls are meant for climbing. Join us on 8.20.22 and we'll climb them together.