Tour De Bloc 2019

Tour de Bloc 16 was a huge success! From a more serious round of Open qualifiers in the morning, to a Scramble Format round for all levels (Youth, Rec, Experienced, Masters) in the afternoon, to an incredible and intense round of finals in the evening, the event brought the community together in so many ways. Special congratulations to BoulderHouse ambassadors Tosh Sherkat and Becca Frangos for making finals and coming 2nd and 3rd overall. We had 75 competitors total, mainly local, but with a few from elsewhere on Vancouver Island and Vancouver. Here are the Open Finals results:


  1. Brennan Doyle
  2. Tosh Sherkat
  3. Aidan Doyle


  1. Tiffany Melius
  2. Emi Takashiba
  3. Becca Frangos

A big thanks to our sponsors: Fernwood Coffee, Little June Cafe, Hornby Organic, West Coast Resoles, Friction Labs, Sattva, Patagonia Victoria, Miko Photo, Hoyne Brewery, Cain Exercise Rehab.

Summer Progression Sessions 2019

SPS was huge this year! And folks packed the place for the wrap-up scramble comp and beach party — you all looked fabulous in your tropical outfits. Results from both SPS and the final scramble comp can be found on our blog. Congratulations to all the winners.

This year’s final scramble comp was made extra special thanks to the hard work of those taking part in the B.I.G. Initiative’s route-setting workshops. We saw many of you tackling their challenging and creative problems on the wall throughout the night.A big thanks to our sponsors: Whole Foods, Friction Labs, Patagonia Victoria, Hoyne Brewing Co., Rhino Skin Solutions, Cain Exercise Rehab, Nutriclimb, Flashed, Valhalla Pure Victoria, West Coast Resoles, Miko Photo