New Policies.

Same Bouldering.


We need your cooperation in order to help limit the spread of COVID-19.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the gym’s new policies outlined below.  This includes: the booking process, what to prepare for your visit, arrival to the gym, entry and check-in, climbing, and check-out. We have included links to the resources we have used to help form our new policies.  We recognize that the new policies and health restrictions will take time to adjust to, but please understand we are looking to return to normal function as soon as we can.

We look forward to having you join us once you are ready.

  • All climbers will need to book a session in advance using our reservation system
  • Time slots are 2 hours long, this should allow adequate time for a good warm-up and bouldering session
  • Members (EFT/Pre-Paid/Punch Pass Holders) are able to book sessions up to 2 weeks in advance here
  • Please only book time slots that you plan on attending.  If you know you will not be attending, please cancel your booking here
  •  All climbers will need to book a session in advance using our reservation system
  • Time slots are 2 hours long, this should allow adequate time for a good warm-up and bouldering session
  • If it is your first visit, please fill out a waiver for all participants here
  • At this time, guests are able to book time slots 48 hours in advance to drop-in.
  • To book a time slot and pay in advance (credit card required) please click here* – Online payments are non-refundable
  • Please only book time slots that you plan on attending.  If you know you will not be attending, please cancel your booking here


*If you are unable to pay online with a credit card click here, to reserve and payment will be collected in person upon arrival











  • Respect social distance guidelines. Please adhere to the traffic flow and zoning guidelines marked on the floor and mats.
  • Wash your hands frequently. As we cannot clean the holds after every climb, it is your responsibility to keep your hands clean. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before and after climbing. To avoid extra traffic to our bathrooms, there are now sinks installed outside the gym as well as by the stairs for your convenience.
  • Do not touch your face. If you need to touch your face, please wash your hands first.  Please also wash your hands before returning to climbing
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or elbow. Immediately dispose of the tissue after use. Wash your hands before returning to climbing.
  • Wear a face covering.  We will be requiring the use of face coverings within the facility to help limit the spread of airborne droplets.  Please make sure your mask appropriately covers your nose and chin (no buffs, bandanas, masks with ventilators)
  • Use liquid chalk.  To limit the particulate in the air, help keep the facility and your hands clean we will be requiring the use of liquid chalk (above 70% alcohol) which will be readily available for purchase.
  • Wipe down any training equipment you use. For the care and consideration of your fellow members, please sanitize any weights or other training equipment once you have finished using them.
Changes to What We Do and What We Can Offer:



We’ve altered our capacity limits and policies to make physical distancing easier.

We’ve also marked out zones for social distancing and traffic for ease of use.



All staff and climbers will be required to wear a face covering while inside the gym.

We are unable to sanitize the climbing holds after use, so the responsibility lies on the climber to wash and sanitize their hands.

For this reason, we will be requiring liquid chalk, which will be readily available for purchase at the front desk.

There are also more ways available to clean and sanitize your hands within the gym. Please use them frequently.



We have adapted our policies and have limited access to increase the frequency of cleaning high touch surfaces.

There will be a sanitization block in-between every time slot. This should help, but will not replace good personal hygiene practices while in the facility.



We have limited some services and programs to help reduce the risk for our staff. Please respect the new policies and practice good personal hygiene.

Current changes to services offered include*:

  • Change rooms will be closed at this time.
  • Bathrooms will be single occupancy to limit traffic in the back hallway. We have provided markers for members to move in front of doors to clearly indicate occupancy. No bare feet or climbing shoes in the bathroom, please wear your street shoes.
  • No bare feet in the gym, please wear your climbing or street shoes at all times.
  • We are not taking cash payments at this time. If you’d like to make a purchase, please use a form of contactless payment, or set up a membership tab (up to $50).
  • No consumption of food or drink (except for water) within the gym. If you would like to eat a snack, please do so in the area outside.
  • We require the use of liquid chalk (above 70% alcohol) to help limit the spread of particulate, and keep the facility clean and climber’s hands clean.
  • We require the use of a face covering to help limit the spread of airborne droplets.
  • All additional programs such as H-Core, Monday Morning Fitness, Intro to Bouldering, and our Youth Rec Program have been suspended until further notice.
  • At this time, children are only allowed in the gym if they are planning to climb. We ask for parents and children to book their time-slots together. Space in the gym will be limited, so infants will need to stay home, as we are not be able to accommodate strollers and seats within the gym. This measure will last as long as the de-confinement measures continue.
  • Though we love dogs, we currently cannot host dogs within the gym 🙁


*These service offerings are subject to change as new information becomes available.

MEMBERSHIP unfreeze and status update:

– All EFT and prepaid memberships will be automatically unfrozen as of June 16th, 2020. There will be no charge associated with this service. 

– If you wish to keep your membership frozen, please re-submit your membership freeze request prior to July 1st. EFT members will have to pay $8 per month that your pass remains frozen starting July 10th. Please note that there were no freeze fees associated with the 3 month period during our closure (March 15th-July 15th).

– It is free to terminate your membership. However, if you wish to set-up a new membership, you will be charged the $35 set-up fee.

– For all prepaid memberships, starting June 16th you will still have the original number of days on your pass as you did prior to the start of the membership pause on March 15th, 2020.