Our team knows climbing.

Our team has over 20 years of experience growing, shaping and inspiring the climbing industry. From owning and operating climbing gyms across Canada, to helping organize dozens of climbing competitions from Nationals to World Cups.



Hometown: Island raised, grass fed

Age: 47

Name your kryptonite: Peanut butter and chocolate

Favourite things?: Family, good vibes and seeing people getting stoked!

How long have you been climbing?: 27 years – wish time made me a better climber!

What do you do when you’re not climbing?: Riding, kayaking or any other self propelled motion

Inspiration: All those who explore and push beyond the impossible and keep going

Favorite food: Food!

Worst climbing memory: Having to wash dishes in hot water after first thrashing in Jtree- ouch!

Best climbing memory: First day in Jtree 🙂


Facilities Manager and Head Setter

26 years breathing

22 years Snowboarding

7 years meditating

6 years route setting

5 years being very fond of chocolate milk. 

3 years on Vancouver Island

2 years with Boulder House

1 cumulative year spent drinking coffee

Whats next? Adventure – Outdoor climbing trips – Entrepreneurship – A life time of caring for the environment.— 

Kyla Mackenzie

Front of House Manager

Hometown: Victoria, B.C.

Age: 29

Guilty pleasure: Bread, fresh from the oven, with salted butter.

Favourite things: Adventures with friends and laughing!

When did you start climbing?: 2.5 years ago and it changed my life.

When you’re not climbing?: Brainstorming my next art project.

Favourite climbers: Akiyo Noguchi / Shauna Coxsey / Margo Hayes

What inspires you?: Watching people in their “element”, it’s pure magic.   

Hobbies: Painting, illustration, photography, and music.

Goals: Climb more outdoor projects!

Jonny Ker

Marketing, Media and Mayhem

Age: 26 (around 40 inside)

Hometown: Victoria, BC

Guilty pleasure: Fleming Beach Eliminates, John Wick movies

When you’re not climbing: joking around, checking out nice cafes, planning the next trip, learning about something new

Favourite food: Hakata style Ramen!

Best Climbing Memory: So many! Standing on top of the Ammagamma boulder in the Grampians is a big one though.



Still don’t know who this guy is, he’s just around all the time.

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Age: Undisclosed

First job in climbing?: Been in the industry for more than half my life. Started belaying kids in the 90’s

Climbing Accomplishments?: Now a partner in 5 gyms across the country (Allez Up, Seven Bays, BoulderHouse, Up the Bloc, Joe RockHeads)

If you can’t have coffee?: Entrepreneurship fuels me

Best part of climbing?: I love climbing because of the community. I am so much stronger with friends around

Hobbies: Climbing hold nerd

What inspires you?: Transforming old dank spaces into climbing gyms

When you’re not climbing?: Spending time with my wife & daughter

Favourite climbing term: Started at the bottom now I’m here

Our Collaborators

Our collaborators are hand picked based on their experience in their own fields as well as supporting, healing and inspiring the climbing community.


Milen Kootnikoff

Adventure Photographer

Milen is an avid surfer and rock climber living in Victoria, BC. His photography is a culmination of a life spent growing and learning through outdoor experiences. As a professional creative, he strives to create images that bring people into an experience that are both inclusive and visually inspiring. When not outdoors, you can find him in the climbing gym or sipping tea and stuffing himself with baked goods.

Email: hello@mikophotographer.com

Christy Mader, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

As a climber and a registered massage therapist, Christy understands how appropriate treatment enables us to continue with our passions! As an elite Ultimate Frisbee player and a climber for over 20 years, she understands the importance of proper training, adequate rest, and rehab protocols for returning from injury. Christy teaches our stabilization courses to provide education for core recruitment and strengthening through climbing specific movements. She is also coaching athletes to push beyond plateaus by exposing areas of weakness and improving technique!

Email: christymaderrmt@gmail.com

Treatment: www.christymader.ca

Our Ambassadors

Our amabssadors share our passion of climbing and are tightly knit into the community. They go above and beyond when sharing their experience and talents not just in climbing but in everything they do. 


Becca Frangos

Open Canadian Team Member

Growing up in Canmore Alberta, a healthy lifestyle and mountain sports have shaped my life since the time I was able to walk. Skiing, biking, hiking and outdoor climbing are sports that I’ve grown up with and will always love to participate in, but it’s climbing that ignited my passion for competitive sport. Ten years ago, I began climbing at a summer camp and became instantly hooked by the strength, agility, endurance and mental focus it requires to succeed. I began my competition climbing career at the age of 13 and am currently a member of the Open Canadian Team, where I compete in all 3 disciplines (Bouldering, Lead and Speed) on the international competition circuit. When I am not training or competing I also love to push myself on hard outdoor climbs and I am also a full-time student at the University of Victoria where I am studying a combined degree in Biology and Psychology.

Tosh Sherkat

Climber at Large

Tosh started climbing as soon as his parents dragged him up his first cliff in Nelson, BC.

Born to a climbing family, he found his passion for the sport at the age of 10, and competed on the Canadian youth climbing circuit. These comps took Tosh all over the world as he trained and pursued international success while finishing up high school.

Tosh feels most at home in the gym or at the crag, sharing laughs and sends with friends. Now attending the University of Victoria for writing, Tosh continues to train to achieve his goals of competing on the world stage, and climbing the world’s hardest routes.

Finn Battersby

Climbing and Athletic Powerhouse

Victoria Born and raised I grew up in a family of athletes, always active and involved in
everything from running and rowing to ski touring and hiking. This lifestyle has influenced every
aspect of my life and provided me with some incredible opportunities. I began climbing at 15
followed shortly after with my first climbing competitions. I continue to compete at a national,
and international level, with my eyes now set on the open National team. For me climbing
provides an ever-changing mental challenge, as well as a unique way to interact with your
The gym is essentially my second home at this point, although I do like to get away and climb
outdoors whenever possible. Little known fact, I’ve spent less than a day total climbing in
As well as representing Boulderhouse as an Ambassador, I also work as setter which provides
an entirely different perspective on climbing. I find it refreshing being able to explore the many
paths that climbing can lead you down, and I’m excited to see where it takes me next.