Our team knows climbing.

Our team has over 20 years of experience growing, shaping and inspiring the climbing industry. From owning and operating climbing gyms in Montreal and Halifax, to helping organize dozens of climbing competitions from Nationals to World Cups.



Hometown: Calgary, AB bred and Island raised

Age: 44 (11 if you count in leap years)

Name your kryptonite: Peanut butter and chocolate

Favourite things?: Family, good vibes and seeing people getting stoked!

How long have you been climbing?: 25 years – wish time made me a better climber!

What do you do when you’re not climbing?: Riding, kayaking or any other self propelled motion

Inspiration: All those who explore and push beyond the impossible and keep going

Favorite food: Food!

Worst climbing memory: Having to wash dishes in hot water after first thrashing in Jtree- ouch!

Best climbing memory: First day in Jtree 🙂


Resident Setter

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Favourite Place to Climb: Grampians australia

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Animal: Panda

Motto: No regrets

How long have you been setting?: 4 years

Favourite climber: Garry Williams

What do you do when you’re not climbing?: Love riding my bike

Best Accomplishment?: Employee of the month

Favourite food: Peanut butter but I also enjoy french fries and chocolate mylk

What do you put on your french fries?: Ketchup + mayo

Life rules?: Firm stance against putting sugar in sauces for stir fry

What gets you psyched?: My secret to setting is being inspired. Coffee gets me inspired. Climbing outdoors and really nicely shaped plastic also inspire me


Resident Coordinator of many things including Social Media, Events and Good Times

Hometown: From Calgary, AB

Recent Accomplishments?: Graduated from BCom in Entrepreneurial Management. Putting her skills to work managing the crazy BoulderHouse Entrepreneurs 😉

Favourite place to climb: BoulderHouse, duh

When you’re not climbing?: Loves to surf, hike, bike, snowboard, dance, anything active and/or outdoors, preferably both

Favourite Climber: Spencer Lajeuness

Favourite Food: TACOS, TACOS & MORE TACOS. And also BEER

Favourite Animal?: Coffee is my spirit animal

What inspires you?: Inspired by all the stoked humans on this planet, especially those sending it at BoulderHouse



Hometown: Montreal, QC

Age: Undisclosed

First job in climbing?: Been in the industry for more than half my life. Started belaying kids in the 90’s

Climbing Accomplishments?: Now a partner in 4 gyms across the country (Allez Up, Seven Bays, BoulderHouse, Up the Bloc)

If you can’t have coffee?: Entrepreneurship fuels me

Best part of climbing?: I love climbing because of the community. I am so much stronger with friends around

Hobbies: Climbing hold nerd

What inspires you?: Transforming old dank spaces into climbing gyms

When you’re not climbing?: Spending time with my wife & daugther

Favorite climbing term: Started at the bottom now I’m here

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