Never climbed before? No problem. Here is everything you need to know for your first visit.



Bouldering is one of the easiest ways to start climbing. You don't need a rope or a harness or even a partner. It involves climbing up a 13-foot wall, using coloured holds. You then climb down or jump onto mats at the base of the wall.

It provides an exciting and challenging workout, both mentally and physically!



Beyond the obvious physical challenge, bouldering provides a mental challenge that will get you hooked and coming back for more. Each boulder is set using a specific colour to indicate which holds are part of the boulder. Climbing a boulder problem involves "solving" the sequence of moves you will need to execute to reach the top. 

Boulders are reset every week at BoulderHouse Victoria on TUESDAY, keeping the problems new and exciting every time!


Climbing at BoulderHouse is designed around a set of 8 colour coded climbing circuits. Each circuit includes 5 to 6 problems and is designed to provide climbers with a varied set of challenges from technical slab climbing to powerful overhangs and everything in between.

By encouraging our community to progress through each complete circuit, our vision is to help every climber, at every level, develop a well-rounded set of skills. To keep you motivated and challenged in new ways, we reset a section of the wall weekly. From our beginner yellow circuit to the advanced pink circuit, there is something for everyone.



It's easy to get started! Check out our options below.



The Bouldering 101 course will cover the basic of bouldering, how to warm up, climbing techniques, climbing holds and movements terminology as well as understanding the boulder circuits. It's the best way to start!

Bouldering 101 is currently on hold - will be starting up again in the near future!

Monthly Membership (EFT -Electronic Funds Transfer)

This is the best deal to kickstart your climbing and the best deal for a recurring membership - your first time setting up a membership, we will waive the $45 Start-Up Fee, and shoe and chalk rentals will be included your first month!

For more details visit the link below:




Comfortable loose or flexible clothing is most recommended. Climbing shoes and chalk are recommended, both are available for rent or pruchase.

A waiver must be signed for each climber. For climbers under the age of 19, a parent or legal guardian must sign. All waivers will need to be renewed every 3 years. You can fill out your waiver online or at the gym.


We have a few parking spaces out front but street parking is also available.

Children can only climb on the main walls of BoulderHouse Victoria and BoulderHouse Langford if they have been accredited through our Youth Discovery Programs AND they have proper adult supervision. 

Our policy is a 1:1 ratio of adult supervisor to child.

For the safety of everyone climbing, it's important for children to have been taught and understand the etiquette of the gym.

For a dedicated kids climbing experience, please visit our TreeHouse in BoulderHouse Langford!  The TreeHouse is home to our Youth Programs and dedicated kid's wall.


Parents with Babies! Bouldering parents are welcome to climb at the gym with their baby from 11-4 on weekdays and anytime on weekends. Bouldering is a great activity for parents who are looking after a small child.