Our MISSION is to build and operate an amazing bouldering gym that will provide a great climbing experience for our members and teach new climbers to LOVE bouldering as much as we do.

In partnership with the CIty of Langford, we've built this new two-story facility from the ground up and it will include; a 160 lineal ft main wall, a dedicated training area, and a 6000 sq ft dedicated kid's section!

BoulderHouse Langford Parkway is the biggest climbing facility on Vancouver Island and will strive to teach new climbers to LOVE bouldering as much as we do, and offer a challenge to experienced climbers!


We believe a bouldering wall is only as good as what you put on it. BoulderHouse Langford has fresh boulders every Thursday, a wide selection of holds from around the world, and a ton of volumes to keep the climbing fresh and exciting.  Climbing is a complete workout: physical and mental! It keeps you focused, thinking and sweating!

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Children love to climb. Whether it is on the playground, up a tree or over your furniture, children seem to have a natural desire to climb things. The best part about climbing is that it has a multitude of benefits; not only is it a fun activity, but it provides both developmental growth and learning benefits. Climbing is an immersive activity that helps children develop motor skills, coordination, agility, strength and confidence. Here in our TreeHouse, we have created a space for your children to climb to their heart's content in an environment that was designed specifically for it.

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Due to COVID, parts of the facility will be finished after we open. This includes, the training area on the mezzanine and the outdoor wall!