Our MISSION is to build and operate an amazing bouldering gym in Victoria that will provide a great climbing experience for our members and teach new climbers to LOVE bouldering as much as we do.

BoulderHouse is situated in a 5,000 ft2 facility that features the 100ft long Bouldering World Cup wall used at the 2015 World Cup in Toronto. With varied simple angles, we transform the face of the wall with over 70 Dimension Volumes every time we set. BoulderHouse is a simple facility, with all the focus on 8 finely crafted bouldering circuits, designed to deliver the very best climbing experience.

At BoulderHouse we invite you to plan your sessions around each complete circuit. We give extra props for people who are able to complete the circuit of their level in one session. We think this a really fun way to climb… but for those who don’t, you can just enjoy each problem for what it is, just like the old days.



We believe a bouldering wall is only as good as what you put on it. Boulderhouse has fresh boulders every week, a wide selection of holds from around the world, and a ton of volumes to keep the climbing fresh and exciting.  Climbing is a complete workout: physical and mental! It keeps you focused, thinking and sweating!


If you want to complement your climbing with additional training, either for strength building or for injury prevention, we're here for you! BoulderHouse offers a complete fitness training facility! Equipped with weights, chin up bars, a campus board as well as a 45 walls, it is a perfect place for your warm-ups and cool-downs, as well as all your complementary strength training.